The General Secretariat

The General Secretariat assume the planning, administrative, and executive aspects of the Organization’s activity in accordance with the statutes and directives of the Council. The administration of the General Secretariat assume by the Secretary General, aided by Assistant Secretariats who shall number no more than three. The Secretary General appointed by decision of the Council for a period of three years extendable for a further period. The Secretary General is the official spokesman for the Organization, and its legal representative and responsible before the Council for carrying out the tasks and duties of his office.

The Secretary General is in charge of administering and directing the Secretariat, effectively supervising all aspects of its activities, and carrying out the tasks assigned to him by the Council. The Secretary General, and all staff members of the General Secretariat carry their duties in full independence and in common interest of the Organization’s member countries. The Secretary General and the Assistant Secretaries have the privilege of all diplomatic immunities in their countries.

The Secretary General's Office

The General Secretariat is headed by the Secretary General who carries out the tasks assigned to him by the Council. He directs, supervises and administers all aspects of its activities. He is also the official spokesman and legal representative of the Organization. The Secretary General, as stipulated in the Agreement, may be aided by a number of Assistant Secretaries. They enjoy, in the territories of the Organization members, all diplomatic immunities and privileges.

A Legal Expert is attached to the Office of the Secretary General. His duties include providing legal opinions on matters referred to him by the Secretary General, preparing and drafting the organizational and administrative orders issued by the Ministers, preparing draft recommendations and decisions for their approval; as well as minuting the proceedings of their meetings.