For Scientific Research For the Year 2022

The Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries (OAPEC) is pleased to announce its Scientific Award for the year 2022, the research topic will be

“Decarbonization Techniques in the Petroleum Industry, and the Circular Carbon Economy”

as per the organization’s Executive Office Decision No. 162/1 dated 18 May 2022.
The launch of OAPEC Award comes in line with the organization’s policy to encourage researchers by awarding two prizes on a biennial basis (First Prize KD 7000-10000 equivalent to USD $23000-$32500,  Second Prize KD 5000 equivalent to USD $16000 ).
OAPEC’s interest in the field of “Decarbonization Techniques in the Petroleum Industry, and the Circular Carbon Economy” stems from the global efforts aimed at reducing harmful emissions to the environment. A special focus has been given to petroleum industries (at all stages) to enable them meeting the requirements of decarbonization while maintaining their profitability and vital role in providing clean petroleum products at acceptable and fair prices.
The research topic of OAPEC Scientific Award for the Year 2022 tackles technologies that can help the petroleum industry to cut carbon emissions and achieve emissions-free production during all its stages, from drilling and production operations, to refining, petrochemicals production and distribution. This is in addition to benefitting from adopting the Circular Carbon Economy notion as a mean to cut carbon emissions.
The deadline for receiving the participating research works is 31May 2023. Winners will be chosen by a scientific committee formed under the chairmanship of OAPEC Secretary General, Ali Sabt Ben Sabt, and the membership of OAPEC and non-OAPEC petroleum experts. For more information about the award, please scan the following code:

For more details about the research structure, and the basis for evaluating the submitted research, please check the guidelines by scanning the following code: