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Chapter 3 deals with virgin and used oil processing where virgin production

steps are discussed briefly as an entrance to the main processing of used oils.

Various processes are discussed in details to demonstrate their relevance to the

modern requirements of lubricants. Processes to treat used oil for fuel purposes

are also discussed.

Chapter 4 deals with burning used oil for fuel and energy recovery, a great

competitor to used oil re-refining. The quantities are discussed on regional basis

to discover the trends and the potential for further re-refining of used oil.

Chapter 5 deals with the economics of re-refining in discussing what affects

this important aspect including supply and demand for lubricants, the impact of

oil prices and the process selection and so on. An important economic model is

also presented which can be used by others in further studies.

Chapter 6 deals with the lubricating oil industry in the Arab countries

including the production and consumption of lubricants. The re-refining plants

and plans in the Arab countries are also discussed. It was difficult to obtain

accurate data here as is the case in other world regions.

Examples of countries experience are imbedded in the relevant chapters

where the experience of Italy is included in chapter 5 and the experience of

Saudi Arabia and the UAE is included in chapter 6.

Conclusions and recommendations are cited in chapter 7 with special

emphasis on what is to be done in Arab countries.

Upfront, the executive summary is a condensation of the most important

aspects of the report which also shows the direction followed in the research.

Needless to say that the lack of expensive consultant’s reports made reliance

on the Internet and public sources paramount. This is sometimes followed by

discussion with private sources in the industry.

I hope this research serves the purpose of OAPEC and that the Organization

would go ahead to promote the collection, controlled utilization and processing

of used oils for the benefit of the economy, environment and the wellbeing of

the Arab people in their different countries.

Volume 43 - 2017 -

Issue 161