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OAPEC-Joint Ventures:

OAPEC has sponsored the creation of

four companies: The Arab Maritime




(AMPTC), established in 1972 with

headquarters in Kuwait City, the

Arab Shipbuilding and Repair Yard

Company (ASRY) established in 1973

with headquarters in Bahrain, the Arab

Petroleum Investments Corporation

(APICORP) established in 1974 with

headquarters in Khobar, Saudi Arabia,

the Arab Petroleum Services Company

(APSC) established in 1975 with

headquarters in Tripoli, Libya.

The Organization carries out its activities through its four organs:

Ministerial Council:

The Ministerial Council is the supreme authority of the Organization, responsible for drawing

up its general policy.

Executive Bureau:

The Executive Bureau is composed of one representative from each of the member countries,

drawing recommendations and suggestions to the Council, reviewing the Organization’s draft annual budget and

submitting it to the Council, it also adopts the regulations applicable to the staff of the General Secretariat. The

resolutions of the Executive Bureau are issued by the majority of two- thirds of all members.

General Secretariat:

The General Secretariat of OAPEC plans, administers, and executes the Organization’s

activities in accordance with the objectives stated in the agreement and directives of the Ministerial Council.

The General Secretariat is headed by the Secretary General. The Secretary General is appointed by resolution

of the Ministerial Council for a tenor of three years renewable for similar period(s). The Secretary General is the

official spokesman and legal representative of the Organization and is accountable to the Council.

The Secretary General directs the Secretariat and supervises all aspects of its activities, and is responsible for the

tasks and duties as directed by the Ministerial Council. The Secretary General and all personnel of the Secretariat

carry out their duties in full independence and in the common interests of the Organization member countries.

The Secretary General and the Assistant Secretaries General possess in the territories of the Organization

members all diplomatic immunities and privileges.

Judicial Tribunal:

The protocol of the Judicial Tribunal was signed in Kuwait on 9 May 1978 and came into

effect on 20 April 1980. The Tribunal is competent to consider all disputes related to the interpretation and

application of OAPEC’s establishment agreement, as well as disputes arising between two or more member

countries concerning petroleum operations.

OAPEC’s Organs



Ministerial Meeting

His Highness the Emir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber

Al Sabah receives OAPEC Ministerial Council Members


OAPEC Celebrates its

Golden Jubilee