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basis (First Prize KD 7000, Second Prize KD 5000, equivalent to USD $23000 and USD $16000),

upon the resolution number 1/147 of OAPEC Executive Bureau at its meeting dated 14/5/2017.

The Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries (OAPEC) is pleased to announce that the

“Petroleum and Energy- Related Economic Research Including

Supply, Consumption and Prices”

Research field:

The economic dimension represents a major component of energy industry, in general, and oil

and gas in particular. Economic research addressing petroleum and energy industry covers a broad

spectrum of expanses, including supply, demand, trade movements, prices trend, petroleum revenues,

investment, and the various energy policies. Correlation between energy and sustainable development

goals, as well as numerous other aspects, are also targeted by the research. Awhole host of addressable

thrusts are tackled in the different parts of the research. The economic aspect, pertinent to one of the

proposed petroleum and energy, should tackled by the researcher. These domains include:

1. Current and Future Developments in Energy Markets.

2. Global Supply of Various Energy Sources.

3. Global Energy Demand: Current and Future Prospects.

4. Developments in Energy Prices and Their Implications for Demand and Supply Levels.

5. Energy Subsidy Policies and Their Impacts on Domestic Economies.

6. Petroleum Revenues and Their Impact on Producing Countries’ Economies.

7. Investment in Energy, Enhancing The Role of The Private Sector: Current Status and

Future Prospects.

8. The Energy Policies in The Main Consuming Countries and Their Implications for The

Energy Future.

Conditions for Submitting the Research

1. The research may be submitted by one or more author(s). Institutions and organizations are excluded.


.ylsuoiverp drawa na detnarg neeb ton sah dna ,lanigiro dna wen eb tsum dettimbus hcraeser ehT

3. The author(s) shall agree in advance to give OAPEC the right to print and publish the research

in case his/her/their win one of the prizes. A signed statement to this effect must be submitted

with the research (sample provided below). The author(s) will maintain all other rights,

including patent rights (if applicable). OAPEC shall not exercise its right to publish the winning

research for a period of six months commencing with the date of advising the winning author

(s) with the decision of the Award Committee.

4. A statement by the author(s), attesting that the research is original. Segments fully or partially

adopted from other sources should be properly cited. A detailed list of all references used must

also be attached.

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