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In line with its relentless efforts towards disseminating energy data, making such
data accessible to researchers, employees and specialists in energy and oil industry,
the General Secretariat of OAPEC is pleased to submit its Annual Statistical Report
for 2013. The Report contains, in its nine parts, energy data of member countries and
other Arab countries, in addition to aggregate data of OPEC members and the world
for the period 2008-2012.
In this context, the General Secretariat updates its statistical data based on the
Energy Data Collection Form of member countries, and the data issued by Arab
national institutions, as well as other secondary sources.
Part One
of the report provides general indicators of OAPEC member countries.
Part Two
reviews data of reserves, production and new discoveries. Such data
indicate that by the end of 2012 conventional crude oil reserves of Arab countries
amounted to nearly 709 billion barrels, a decrease by 0.5% compared to 2011 levels.
Arab countries’ reserves, in 2012, represented about 56.4% of total global reserves,
of 1256.6 billion barrels.
Data indicate a slight drop in Arab countries’ natural gas reserves in 2012,
compared to 2011, at the rate of 1%, amounting to about 53.9 trillion cubic meters,
representing about 28% of total global reserves.
On the crude oil and natural gas liquids production side, Arab countries produced
nearly 27.7 million b/d in 2012, including 26.1 million b/d from OAPEC member
countries. At crude oil production level, Arab countries produced 24.2 million b/d, an
increase of 8.9%, compared to 2011. Arab countries’ crude oil production accounts
for about one third of global production. On the other hand, Arab marketed natural
gas production amounted to about 604.9 billion cubic meters in 2012, out of which
565.9 billion cubic meters were produced by OAPEC members, representing 93.6%
of total Arab countries’ production, which accounted for nearly 17.7% of global
production. With regard to exploration activity in 2012, OAPEC countries achieved
135 new discoveries, including 79 oil discoveries, and 56 natural gas discoveries.
Against this, other Arab countries have achieved very minimal discoveries.
The Report, in
Part III
, relating to oil and energy consumption, addresses oil and
natural gas industries. Installed capacity of existing oil refineries in Arab countries
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