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In Part Three, the Report addresses oil and natural gas industries. Design capacity

of existing oil refineries in Arab countries reached about 8.8 million b/d in 2015.

Arab countries’ petroleum products production amounted to about 7.4 million b/d,

representing an increase of 8.6% compared to 2014.

In Part Four, the report highlights oil and energy consumption in OAPECmembers

and other Arab countries, including the consumption of oil petroleum products by

product, natural gas, coal, and hydroelectric power. Energy consumption in the Arab

countries reached about 14.4 million boed in 2015, including 7.098 million boed of

crude oil and petroleum products, and nearly 7.055 million boed of natural gas.

Part Five of the Report reviews oil and natural gas trade in OAPEC members

and other Arab countries, covering data of crude oil, petroleum products, and natural

gas imports and exports. Part Six tackles spot prices of Arab and global crudes,

monthly and annual spot prices of OPEC basket, and energy products prices in local

currencies and US dollars for the period 2013-2016.

In it’s last three parts, the Report refers to oil and natural gas means of

transportation and reviews the number and tonnage of oil tankers, and pipeline

networks available in the member countries, as well as, general economic indicators,

and data on electricity in the Arab countries.

The Secretariat General hopes that the Report will serve its purpose. It

extends profound thanks and appreciation to OAPEC member countries’ officials

for activating the role of liaison officers in the data bank, and for their constant

cooperation in providing the Secretariat General with official statistical data, thus

enriching the credibility of the data contained in the Report.

Abbas Ali Al-Naqi

Secretary General