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5 01/03/2020
HE Ali Bensabt Assumed Office as OAPEC Secretary General

HE Ali Bensabt assumed Office as OAPEC Secretary General as of 1 March 2020.

HE Bensabt has been elected by OAPEC member countries during the Ministerial Council’s meeting in Kuwait on 22 December 2019.

In a press statement, the new Secretary General expressed his sincere thanks and appreciation for the member countries’ trust, explaining that the next stage will witness further efforts to develop the Secretariat General’s work and enhance its Arab and international roles and presence.

OAPEC is an international Arab organization specialized in the petroleum industry. It aims mainly at promoting cooperation and strengthening ties among its member countries in the various aspects of economic activities of the petroleum industry to serve the legitimate interests of these countries, whether individually or collectively. This is in addition to unifying efforts to ensure access of petroleum to consuming markets in fair and reasonable conditions, as well as, creating appropriate environment for investment capital and expertise in the member countries’ petroleum industry.